ぴよ将棋  4.9.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

ぴよ将棋 4.9.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

6.0 (10675)Board, Games

Game Information of ぴよ将棋 - 40レベルで初心者から高段者まで楽しめる・無料の高機能将棋アプリ for android Download

App Name ぴよ将棋 - 40レベルで初心者から高段者まで楽しめる・無料の高機能将棋アプリ v4.5.2
Genre Board, Games
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Latest Version4.5.2
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Package Namenet.studiok_i.shogi
Rating 6.0 ( 10675 )

Description of ぴよ将棋 - 40レベルで初心者から高段者まで楽しめる・無料の高機能将棋アプリ free mods for android

■■■ 無料アプリ ■■■


方法⇒ 投了して検討モードに入ってから、「メニュー」の「この局面から対局再開」を選択します


・自分の対局した棋譜だけでなく、 他のアプリで対局した棋譜を読み込み、棋譜管理することができます
・Google DriveやDropBoxなど、各種クラウドから棋譜ファイルの読み込み・保存ができます




■■■ Free app ■■■
It is a shogi app that plays against cute “chicks”
40 levels of full-scale AI can be enjoyed by beginners to stepped players (the highest level is amateur 6 steps )
As a shogi board, you can play a game with two people, and the examination function and game record management function after the game are also substantial.
Although it is a smartphone app, it also has a game record analysis function !
In addition, Tsume Shogi questions will be asked every day.
Incorporating the opinions and requests of users, it has become an easy-to-use and highly functional shogi app.

[Main functions / features]
・ You can play against 40 stages of full-scale AI
・ As a shogi board, two people can play against each other with their knees facing each other.
・ With the examination function, you can compare your move with the move of AI.
-Equipped with a game record analysis function that automatically checks for bad or questionable moves.
・ The questions of Tsume Shogi (4 questions: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and graded) are given every day.
-You can save and manage the game record with AI with the game record management function. You can read and manage the game records pointed to by other apps as well as playing games in PiyoShogi.

[Detailed explanation of functions]
<< 1. Game function >>
Let’s play against authentic AI! As a shogi board, two people can play against each other with their knees facing each other.
・ There are 40 levels of computer AI, which can be enjoyed by beginners to stepped players.
-Since the place where you can move the piece is displayed, it is easy for beginners to understand!
・ AI will think of a good hand with the “Hint” button! The reading line of that hand is also displayed, so let’s think about why that hand is good.
・ You can watch not only the game between the player and the computer but also the game between the computers.
・ Since players can play against each other, two players can play against each other with their knees facing each other (communication games are not possible).
・ You can have your computer change during the game.
Method ⇒ After quitting and entering the examination mode, select “Resume game from this stage” in “Menu”
・ The results of the match against computer AI will be recorded.
・ You can drop pieces, set your time, and play rating games.

<< 2. Examination function >>
The quickest way to improve is to consider when the game is over. Let’s consider using the review function!
-Click the “Examine” button to display the AI ​​reading line, the reading line of the hand actually pointed, and the evaluation of each situation. How should I point here? It will be a hint at that time
・ The “game record analysis function” automatically analyzes all moves and searches for bad moves.
-You can display the situation evaluation of the result of the game record analysis on the graph. It’s easy to see which hand wasn’t good
・ The result of game record analysis can be saved in the game record file.
・ Please refer to the official website for details such as how to read the game record analysis results.

<< 3. Game record management function >>
Let’s keep the game record that we played!
You can also read the game records played with other shogi apps and the published game records.
・ You can save the game record played against AI in a file.
-Supports reading of KIF / KI2 / CSA format game record files
・ You can copy and paste the game record to the clipboard.
-You can manage the game records by reading not only your own game records but also the game records played by other apps.
・ You can read and save game record files from various clouds such as Google Drive and DropBox.
・ You can create a start phase and a tsume shogi phase.

[Official homepage]
There are too many features to write here. For details, please refer to the official website below. Detailed function explanations, procedures for difficult-to-understand parts, Q & A, etc. are posted.

We support it on the official website below.
If you have any problems, opinions, requests, etc., please contact us from “Send Request” in the menu on the top screen of the app.

[To provide the app for free]
We are posting advertisements in order to provide the application for free. Thank you for your understanding.

We have taken great care to ensure that there are no problems with this software, but there is a possibility that problems have occurred.
STUDIO-K does not guarantee any damage caused by using the distributed software.
Please note that we are not responsible for this.

■2021/01/11 ver4.5.2
・実戦詰将棋 1月11日 上級の問題が詰まなかったので変更しました

■2020/12/25 ver4.5.0

■2020/12/18 ver4.4.9

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